Writer Sites We Love—Wattpad.com

Wattpad is a book sharing and discovery site that hosts a membership of 40 million writers and readers who engage with and comment on over 250 million individual works of writing.

Wattpad’s advice to writers includes guidance on how to grow a reader fan base by regularly updating their content and how to promote their stories to new and existing readers via social media

How can Inkubate serve Wattpad writers?

It’s pretty straight forward. The statistical comparisons that we’re able to make between a writer’s draft manuscript and the commercial titles of established authors in our database helps users become better writers and better marketers of their work, owing to the impartial analytics our technology provides and the publishing metadata that accompany the results.

Author and editor Cathy Yardley suggests that to engage readers, writers must first know who they write like and which genre best fits their work.

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By running a manuscript (or a chapter) through ScoreIt!™, not only is a writer’s “authorial fingerprint” measured, tracked and compared to known authors’ works, but the genre for each matched title is provided to help writers evaluate the literary categories that may best support their own writing and connect them to the largest possible audience of readers. Our technology’s literary intel was designed to help propel writers forward on their journey and guide them in pitching their work to the right reading audience.

So whether you’re an Inkubate writer, a Wattpad writer or, ideally, both, we encourage you to give ScoreIt!™ a try. Let us know what you think of our smart tools for 21st century writers using #InkubateScoreIt on Twitter.

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