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An author, an entrepreneur, a marketer and a team of visionary publishing advisors got together to engineer a platform driven by analytics to serve the intersecting goals of writers, agents and publishers.

Inkubate delivers powerful analytic tools that make discovering and assessing marketable content easy and efficient. Inkubate’s platform seamlessly brings writers and the publishing community together, enabling them to cultivate the next bestselling title for the marketplace.

THE LATEST conversations

As an agent, I'm excited about having more access to the unpublished works of veteran writers. It really makes a lot of sense.
Andy Ross,
Literary Agent and former owner of Cody's Books in Berkeley, CA
Inkubate is giving voice to new writers as well as resurrecting those that should not be forgotten.
Ray Bradbury,
Bestselling Author, Cultural Icon and National Medal of Arts Recipient (1920-2012)
Inkubate's search tools are a power auger for discovering the content of talented writers.
Tommy Tobin,
Publisher, Harvard Kennedy School's "The Citizen"
I recently uploaded one more unpublished manuscript to Inkubate to expand my exposure to editors and publishers and to grow my brand.
Dianna Hutts Aston,
Coretta Scott King Award-winning Children’s Book Writer


Don Seitz, CEO
Jay Gale, President
Stacy Clark, Writer Engagement
David Bass, CMO
Greg Dumont, Advisor
Thomas Obrey, Advisor
Erik Dodier, Advisor
Nader Darehshori, Advisor


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  • What is Inkubate?

    Inkubate is a professional B2B social network for the producers of creative content and the publishing professionals looking to discover, collaborate and commercialize market-worthy projects that sell. Inkubate’s search, analysis, curation and communications network fluidly and seamlessly links everyone together in a secure, password-protected publishing ecosystem.

  • How easy is it for writers to upload their works?

    Glad you asked! We've made it simple for writers to create an engaging, informative profile, add their social media links and load and categorize original manuscripts. Simple step-by-step graphics direct writers on uploading their works to achieve the greatest visibility and to monitor the traction that their works receive on the agent and publisher side of the site.

  • How do PitchIts!™ work?

    PitchIts!™ enable a writer to compose a "mini- pitch" that feeds directly to the scrolling news feeds of agents and publishers who've opted in to receive PitchIt!™notifications. Clicking on a PitchIt!™ delivers the receiver to the work itself, where the Synopsis and Excerpt can be instantly viewed and the work itself downloaded.

  • How much does Inkubate cost?

    There are three levels of paid membership and each one comes with a free 30-Day trial. To sign up for a subscription as a writer click here. To sign up for a subscription as an agent, editor or publisher click here.

  • Does Inkubate retain my credit card information?

    Inkubate will only use your credit card information upon conducting a transaction that you approve. Our secure ecommerce servers and payment gateways are PCI compliant and Inkubate will never store credit card information without permission.

  • How are writers' copyrighted works protected?

    All account information, including any content uploaded to Inkubate’s servers is secure and kept confidential. Our Service Terms and Privacy Policy protect writers’ copyrights as well as the interests of agents and publishers to remain anonymous until they initiate contact with a writer. Writers maintain the copyrights to all of their works at all times and any stored files will be returned to writers upon their termination of use.

  • What are the professional guidelines for use of the site?

    As with other professional B2B platforms, our registered members need to be real people who provide their real names and accurate information about themselves and their work. It's not okay to provide misleading information about yourself, your qualifications or your achievements on Inkubate’s platform. Likewise, only vetted agents and publishers who are not selling services to writers, but rather are searching for quality content to market, are invited to access Inkubate.

  • Who can access writers' uploaded files once they are submitted?

    Writers control all access to their works and determine who can see and access their files.

  • What is a ScoreIt!™ Analysis?

    A ScoreIt!™ Analysis instantaneously compares a writer's uploaded manuscript to the the works of commercially published writers to determine among other things who a writer writes like and how well a comparable author's title has sold in the retail trade book market (print and ebooks) over the course of their career.

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