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Inkubate is a powerful data analytics platform that “fingerprints,” compares and ranks the writing styles of authors. Branded ScoreIt!™ for the self-published writer market and DiscoverIt!™ for the retail book, library and education spaces, Inkubate’s groundbreaking technology offers writers and readers exciting new ways of discovering one another. Inkubate’s technology can also assist in the efficient vetting of books by literary agents and publishers and in the review of content within the plagiarism and fake news fields.



THE LATEST conversations

As an agent, I'm excited about having more access to the unpublished works of veteran writers. DiscoverIt!™ really makes a lot of sense.
Andy Ross,
Literary Agent and former owner of Cody's Books in Berkeley, CA
Inkubate's platform is giving voice to new writers as well as resurrecting those that should not be forgotten.
Ray Bradbury,
Bestselling Author, Cultural Icon and National Medal of Arts Recipient (1920-2012)
Now, thanks to ScoreIt!™, self published writers have easy and affordable access to ‘big data’ solutions that make the task of reaching readers significantly more efficient.
Beat Barblan,
Director of Identifier Services at Bowker
I recently ran another manuscript though ScoreIt!™ to discover my writing style matches, which have helped me to expand my marketing efforts to new readers.
Dianna Hutts Aston,
Coretta Scott King Award-winning Children’s Book Writer


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Jay Gale, President & Chief Technology Specialist
Stacy Clark, Writer Evangelist
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Thomas Obrey, Advisor
Erik Dodier, Advisor
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  • What is Inkubate?

    Inkubate is a professional B2B network for the producers of creative content and the publishing professionals looking to discover, collaborate and commercialize market-worthy projects that sell.

    Inkubate's primary focus is on the development of technologies that help to connect these groups. ScoreIt!™ is a science-based tool that guides writers in understanding not only who they write like, but also how and to whom to market their books.

    DiscoverIt!™ was designed for publishing professionals, using the same core technology as ScoreIt!™.

  • What is a ScoreIt!™ Analysis?

    ScoreIt!™ uses high-powered computer technology to match a writer's writing style to authors who write like they do. A ScoreIt!™ analysis delivers to writers the characteristics, keywords and genre that unite their book to their matched titles and automates the process of identifying high-value, targeted reader audiences who are interested in their style of writing.

  • How was ScoreIt!™ designed?

    Hundreds of thousands of algorithms, each representing an element of writing style, are processed in real time using artificial intelligence that creates a "style fingerprint" for each writer's manuscript. Using rigorous statistical analysis, these writing style fingerprints are compared to one another to identify significant similarities.

  • How did Inkubate develop ScoreIt!™?

    In collaboration with the world's leading expert on natural language processing and forensic linguistics and his team of data scientists at Duquesne University in Pittsburg.

  • How much content do you need to accurately analyze and evaluate a writer's fingerprint?

    To get 90 percent and above efficacy, we only need 150 words sampled from a free writing exercise. Our science performs at its best though when we're able to provide 98-99 percent efficacy against a statistical analysis. And to do that, anything from a single chapter to a full manuscript simply pushes the accuracy higher.

  • Who do you compare your writing style fingerprints against?

    The database of ScoreIt!™ is comprised of 25 percent of all bestselling authors, as reported by Nielsen from the last seven years. Databases can be custom-built to serve the goals and aims of a wide range of customers.

  • Why do you use bestselling authors?

    Because ScoreIt!™ was designed to help writers model their book marketing efforts against those of successful authors. The bestselling authors chosen for ScoreIt!™ were carefully researched using data from Nielsen book scan, where a wide range of author success stories can be identified. For example, it is possible that authors make a bestseller list for only one week and only sell a few-dozen to a few hundred books because the bestseller list is so deep and is calculated weekly. It's a broad cross-section to provide the best writing style matches.

  • Who are your current customers?

    ScoreIt!™ customers are primarily self-published authors, but Inkubate has solutions for all segments of the publishing industry, including self-publishing services and platform providers, libraries, agents and traditional publishing houses.

  • What does it cost for writers?

    Writers pay as little as $49.95 for a single use of ScoreIt!™ when accessing the tool through our partnerships with Bowker, Infinity Publishing and Fast Pencil.

  • What are the segments of the market for which the technology is applicable?

    ScoreIt!™ is a tool for self-published writers, but Inkubate has solutions using the same core technology for other players within the publishing ecosystem. They include search engine solutions, slush-pile filtering, plagiarism and fake new identification.

  • Why do writers see value in ScoreIt!™?

    ScoreIt!™ is the only technology in existence that objectively automates the process of writing style analysis, tells a writer who they write like and links them to valuable data concerning their matched authors.

  • Why do writers care about who they write like?

    A writer's ScoreIt!™ report allows them to zero in on the keywords and phrases that engage and attract their matched authors' audiences. Writers who enhance their marketing efforts with these keywords and phrases have reported up to double-digit increases in the number of impressions and click-throughs associated with their digital marketing efforts.

  • Does ScoreIt!™ work for fiction and non-fiction?

    Currently, the focus of ScoreIt!™ is on fiction because that is the largest segment of the marketplace, but the technology works for all writing.

  • What are the languages that the technology supports?

    The tool currently deployed supports English, but Incubate can port the solutions to other romance languages.

  • Are the any competitors to ScoreIt!™?

    No. ScoreIt!™ is unique and Inkubate holds the worldwide rights to this patented technology.

  • Is this technology similar to other pairing/matching engines?

    There is ample research that indicates that people are attracted to styles of music that can often be quite divergent and that has to do with how an individual composer composes their music, not necessarily the music genre. So ScoreIt!™'s approach is somewhat analogous to these music platforms because people read writers who appeal to them largely on the basis of style. And while ScoreIt!™, as it's currently deployed for writers, is not a recommendation engine, it serves writers well by taking a very deep dive into the hundreds of thousands of features of writing style that create their writer fingerprint. The ability of a writer to compare their writing style to other writers is part of what makes ScoreIt!™ such a powerful marketing tool. Building on this very same "fingerprinting science," Inkubate is also offering a book recommendation tool for book retailers, libraries and educational institutions.

  • Do publishing professionals have access to the platform?

    In addition to developing technologies that enable writers to better market their books to the public, Inkubate's search, analysis, curation and communications network fluidly and seamlessly links writers and publishing professionals together in a secure, password-protected publishing ecosystem.

  • How easy is it for writers to upload their works?

    Glad you asked! We've made it simple for writers to create an engaging, informative profile, add their social media links and load and categorize their manuscripts.

  • How are writers' copyrighted works protected?

    All account information, including any content uploaded to Inkubate’s servers is secure and kept confidential. Our Service Terms and Privacy Policy protect writers’ copyrights as well as the interests of agents and publishers to remain anonymous until they initiate contact with a writer. Writers maintain the copyrights to all of their works at all times and any stored files will be returned to writers upon their termination of use.

  • Who should I contact with questions about ScoreIt!™?

    Feel free to contact Inkubate's three lead partners:

    Don Seitz, CEO don@inkubate.com
    Jay Gale, President jdgale@inkubate.com
    Stacy Clark, Co-Founder stacy@inkubate.com

  • What is a PitchIt!™?

    A PitchIt!™ is one way for writers on Inkubate's platform to share their content with publishers also accessing the platform. Currently, we are in the process of building the number of publishing professionals accessing the PitchIt!™ platform so that it will become a meaningful and relevant tool for writers looking to be discovered.

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