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ScoreIt!™ now includes our Audience ESP™ Keyword Report. See the keywords and phrases (metadata) that you should use in your marketing copy and search engine optimization strategy (SEO) because readers who like your style of writing are searching right now using these terms!

ScoreIt!™ shows you sales data about your top matched authors to help you gauge the size of your target audience.

ScoreIt!™ teaches writers how to communicate with an audience by providing links to top matched authors' reader reviews. See what readers like and don't like about authors you write like and how to use this information to your advantage.

ScoreIt!™ shows you 'who you write like' and how to target their audience. Published authors whose books have been listed in the NPD Bookscan™ Top 100 list over the last 10 years already have audiences that you can tap too!

Based on a comparative analysis of the writing styles of published authors within our database, your ScoreIt!™ result presents the three top commercially published titles that most closely align with your manuscript.

For each title presented, ScoreIt!™ defines how closely your manuscript aligns with these titles based upon 4 key features that have been empirically proven to be diagnostic of an author’s writing style.

Learn more about each title and its author on Goodreads.

Easily reference your saved SI™ & Audience ESP™ reports at any time so you can plan a marketing strategy to enhance your discoverability.

MarkIt!™ Analytics

Use your MarkIt!™ credits to instantly compute any manuscript’s unit sales potential based upon comparative analysis of that manuscript and selected works from the last 10 years of Neilsen’s Bookscan™ best seller charts.

MarkIt!™ provides publishing professionals with a ground-breaking new key data point about the titles in which they are securing rights. MarkIt!™ can help professionals better evaluate the market potential of a manuscript, determine royalty advances, marketing budgets, and production metrics.

Click “Analyze Title” to start the process that compares and measures millions of data points across a manuscript’s text to calculate its market potential based upon how the title is constructed in its current form.

MarkIt!™ uses patented stylometric analysis technology to determine the predicted level of unit sales for any given title. Download our whitepaper to learn more about stylometry and how MarkIt!™ works.

MarkIt!™ analysis measurements are tracked, so you can see how a manuscript’s market potential changes as it evolves through the editorial and curation process.

To check out how MarkIt!™ can help analyze manuscripts that you want to take to market, Sign Up and start using Inkubate for FREE.


Review your industry news and messages from agents, editors and publishers (AEPs)

Customize and add any RSS newsfeed to your dashboard

Update and perfect your profile so AEPs notice you!

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Provide your web and social contact info to let AEPs follow and interact with you

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Let AEPs know if your titles have been reviewed, received awards, or self published

Upload and store unlimited amounts of manuscripts in Word® or PDF™

  • Upload unlimited PDF® & Word® file manuscripts onto our password encrypted servers
  • Create a writer profile to attract vetted agents, editors & publishers
  • Strategically promote your manuscripts using PitchIts!™
  • Launch your Dashboard to track activity surrounding your works
  • Monitor the genres that are most commonly searched
  • Respond directly to publishing professionals who contact you
  • Run a ScoreIt!™ Analysis of your work to see who you write like


Review messages from Writers

Customize and add any RSS newsfeed to your dashboard

Review and respond to Writer PitchIts!™ from your newsfeed

Build your AEP profile so Writers can find out more about you and your work

Provide your web and social contact info to let Writers follow and interact with you

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Review and respond to PitchIt!™ messages and engage directly with Writers

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Search the entire platform to find titles based upon your interests

Refine your searches based upon content type, format, or genres

Instantly see search criteria matches and click to review more information about the Writer and their titles

Use Advanced Search to aggregate all your title criteria into a single query and set of results

Use Saved Search to store, name and revisit prior search query results and lists

Create bookshelves and store interesting titles from Writers you want to work with

Save individual titles that you may want to add to your bookshelves in the future

Read and critique bookshelved titles at your leisure

Share your bookshelves with colleagues

  • Explore writers' profiles, social media platforms, marketing strategies and publishing history
  • Monitor trending titles in real-time
  • Track the PDF® & Word® manuscripts most often downloaded
  • Review writer PitchIts!™ that match consumer interests
  • Find works that match your company's business model
  • Search works by genre & by real world events
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