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The B2B platform leveraging data analytics to connect talented writers to agents, editors & publishers seeking market-worthy projects that sell.

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  • Upload unlimited PDF® & Word® file manuscripts onto our password encrypted servers
  • Create a writer profile to attract vetted agents, editors & publishers
  • Strategically promote your manuscripts using PitchIts!™
  • Launch your Dashboard to track activity surrounding your works
  • Monitor the genres that are most commonly searched
  • Respond directly to publishing professionals who contact you


  • Discover fiction and non-fiction writers of all styles
  • Receive writer-generated PitchIts!™ in scrolling newsfeed
  • Scan synopses and excerpts instantly
  • Download complete manuscripts to review and share
  • Review works most often downloaded by other publishing pros
  • Privately connect with writers and publishers about signing deals


  • Explore trending titles and writer profile views in real-time
  • Check out writers' works that are most commonly downloaded
  • Review genre-specific synopses and excerpts instantly
  • Review writer PitchIts!™ on your Dashboard
  • Download, organize and share manuscripts with colleagues
  • Privately collaborate with writers while curating content


  • Explore writers' profiles, social media platforms, marketing strategies and publishing history
  • Monitor trending titles in real-time
  • Track the PDF® & Word® manuscripts most often downloaded
  • Review writer PitchIts!™ that match consumer interests
  • Find works that match your company's business model
  • Search works by genre & by real world events
  • Privately connect with writers you want to sign

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