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bridgeoceanDave Chessen, founder of Kindlepreneur advises writers: “Sometimes, the readers you think you have actually turn out to be someone else. Knowing who they really are can be pivotal…not just in your writing, but in your marketing as well.”

We agree.

Thanks to ScoreIt!™, you can now impartially analyze your writing style and learn volumes about the commercially published authors—and titles—that your creative content most closely resembles. While ScoreIt!™ helps you to improve your craft by distilling, comparing and ranking those features that are known to be diagnostic of writing style, it also connects you to the matched authors’ biographies, where with a little research, much can be learned about those authors’ readers. Whether or not to target those readers as part of your own book marketing campaign is entirely up to you, but having access to the information certainly places you in a more competitive position to be successful with your own work. A ScoreIt!™ Analysis additionally returns how a comparable author’s title has sold in the retail trade book market (print and e-books) over the course of their career.


Why not give ScoreIt!™ a try today? It’s just one click away.

While on Inkubate, you can also:

  • Upload unlimited PDF® & Word® file manuscripts onto our password encrypted servers
  • Create a writer profile to attract vetted agents, editors & publishers
  • Strategically promote your manuscripts using PitchIts!™
  • Launch your Dashboard to track activity surrounding your works
  • Monitor the genres that are most commonly searched
  • Respond directly to publishing professionals who contact you

Got questions about ScoreIt!™ or any other part of our platform? Check out Inkubate’s Ask Stacy help guide once you’ve signed on.

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