Genre classification has become so important to the discovery of a book by retailers and readers. Our Scoreit!™ Analysis guides writers in selecting the best genre for their new titles, thus enabling them to reach the widest possible audience of readers—and fans! ScoreIt!™ first identifies the writing style of a writer by instantaneously comparing their manuscript to…

Inkubate’s sponsorship of the Independent Publishers Guild’s (IPG) Spring Conference and our attendance at the London Book Fair (LBF) have generated huge waves of enthusiasm surrounding the launch of our new technology platform (Version 2 or “V.2”). Agents, editors, publishers and writers are all eager to get on board to discover the tools and functionality…

The Woodstock Writers Festival was a huge success! Our sponsorship of the “When the Wind Blows” Story Slam connected Inkubate to motivated emerging and established writers, including NYT bestselling authors James Howard Kunstler, Beverly Donofrio, Christina Haag, and Abigail Thomas. Congratulations to Story Slam winners Desiree O’Clair, Kathleen McKitty Harris and Verna Gillis! Our Golden…

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