Building Bridges to London & Beyond

Inkubate’s sponsorship of the Independent Publishers Guild’s (IPG) Spring Conference and our attendance at the London Book Fair (LBF) have generated huge waves of enthusiasm surrounding the launch of our new technology platform (Version 2 or “V.2”). Agents, editors, publishers and writers are all eager to get on board to discover the tools and functionality we’ve been working hard to create.

David Bass demos Inkubate at The London Book Fair

David Bass demos Inkubate at The London Book Fair

Last month, Inkubate sponsored IPG’s Trade Publisher of the Year Award and networked with independent presses from the UK, the US and further afield. Just last week, Inkubate was featured at LBF within IPG’s impressive trade show space. IPG promoted Inkubate as a leading “Technology Innovator & Partner” to its 500+ membership.

Dave Bass and Inkubate's CEO, Jay Gale, Networking at LBF

Dave Bass and Inkubate’s CEO, Jay Gale, Networking at LBF

The Golden Ticket campaign, which brought many users to our site at the Woodstock Writers Festival, was successfully redeployed at LBF to steer a larger, global group of publishing pros in the same direction. It was exciting to discover that Publishers Weekly featured Inkubate in the “Digital Spotlight” section of their annual LBF Preview, which, along with our print and digital ads, helped to ignite a lot of interest in what we’ve been up to.

With over 25,000 registrants and 15,000 additional daily visitors, LBF, like IPG, was a great opportunity to showcase how Inkubate’s data-driven B2B network will build meaningful bridges between everyone in the publishing ecosystem.

The London Book Fair 2015

The London Book Fair 2015

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days and weeks.

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