ScoreIt!™ Delivers Big Data Solutions to Writers

Of course you have your own voice as a writer, but knowing who you write like can help to determine your success as an author.

That’s where ScoreIt!™ comes in.

Inkubate’s ScoreIt!™ tool instantly analyzes and compares your manuscript to the titles of commercially published authors.

How does ScoreIt!™ work?

ScoreIt!™’s engineering leverages the cutting edge science of stylometry, artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify underlying patterns of language structure in any given text. Statistical analyses are then applied to identify those significant patterns that define one author’s writing style as compared to another.

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For each manuscript run through ScoreIt!™, literally hundreds of thousands of writing style elements are identified, analyzed and then contrasted to those in each of the titles stored in our database of commercially published works. In broad terms, each submission is evaluated and weighted for its 1) grammatical construction; 2) authorial vocabulary; 3) expressive complexity and 4) use of function words.

How does ScoreIt!™ help you?

ScoreIt!™ provides everything you need to understand how your writing style ranks against the works of commercially published authors. For each of three matched titles, ScoreIt!™ provides you with the career average unit book sales of the author. This information, combined with each author’s professional bio and their title’s corresponding genre classification, help you develop a targeted book marketing campaign, based on the real-world data of works similar to your own.

Who’s using ScoreIt!™?

As testimony to the value of  our technology, Bowker is now promoting ScoreIt!™ on their Identifier Services platform. Writers are running ScoreIt!™ analyses to guide their manuscript revisions, to sharpen their book marketing strategies and to identify relevant social media opportunities that place their work in front of captive reading audiences.

Big data is everywhere and now you, too, have access to the most contemporary writing style analytics available.

Join Inkubate as a writer and run your ScoreIt!™ analysis today!



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