How ScoreIt!™ Helps to Shape a Writer’s Book Marketing Strategy


What’s most important when it comes to marketing your book? Publishing Push has some astute ideas that they share here:

At the end of their post, you’ll see Publishing Push’s focus on “knowing your audience.” We agree that this is paramount to any successful book launch and/or book marketing campaign.

But for new writers, knowing “who their readers are” can be a serious challenge.


The logic underlying Inkubate’s recently released ScoreIt!™ technology helps to solve this problem. Using “stylometry”—the science of language—we’ve mapped hundreds of thousands of linguistic features to create an “authorial fingerprint” for each of the commercially published authors in our database. When an aspiring writer runs their manuscript through ScoreIt!™, their authorial fingerprint is mapped and stored as well. ScoreIt!™ then instantly compares these digital fingerprints to reveal similarities in writing style, providing new writers with exciting insights on their writing potential and the audiences that they may be poised to please.


For example, a writer may think that they’re an adventure writer, but when running their title through ScoreIt!™, they discover the writing style of their content most closely aligns with Mystic River, by mystery writer Dennis Lehane. This information could move them to search the top blogs/sites that mystery readers frequent to see where guest blogging opportunities and/or advertising spots may be available for them to promote their book to readers.

If you’re finalizing your manuscript or are already planning to release your title, why not give ScoreIt!™ a try today? Learn more here.


And if you’re looking for a book marketing platform, check out Publishing Push’s and let Charles know that Stacy sent you!

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