Building a Winning Author Platform with ScoreIt!™

ScoreIt!™, a break-through writing style analytics technology developed by Inkubate, instantly analyzes and compares a writer’s unpublished manuscript to the titles of commercially published authors. The data provided by a ScoreIt!™ analysis provides emerging and established writers with impartial, scientific feedback on their work.

How does ScoreIt!work?

ScoreIt!™’s engineering combines stylometry—a field of study related to how writers use language—artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the underlying patterns of language structure in any given text. Statistical analyses are then applied to isolate those significant patterns that define one author’s writing style as compared to another.

ScoreIt!™ identifies and analyzes literally hundreds of thousands of writing style patterns to determine a writer’s unique writing style or “authorial fingerprint.” ScoreIt!™ then compares that fingerprint to a proprietary database of commercially published titles by a wide variety of authors across multiple genre and with varying degrees of unit sales success in the retail marketplace.

How does ScoreIt!™ help writers?

Each manuscript run through ScoreIt!™ is evaluated and weighted for its 1) vocabulary; 2) expressive complexity 3) grammatical construction and 4) tonal quality, which maps the author’s particular use of function words, such as “a/am,” “at,” “by,” “on,” etc. ScoreIt!™ returns the three closest commercial titles and presents the results as a comparative rating. Here’s an example of what a ScoreIt!™ result looks like:


This ScoreIt!™ result includes the career average unit book sales for the closest matching title and links to the professional biographies of all three authors. The genre classification, publisher of record and publishing date for each title is also provided. A careful review of ScoreIt!™ results reveals important sales and social media opportunities that help writers position and promote their writing to a targeted, captive audience of readers.

Who’s using ScoreIt!™?

As testimony to the value of our technology, Bowker®, a ProQuest affiliate, is promoting ScoreIt!™ on their Identifier Services platform. Over 30,000 unique visitors, primarily writers and publishers, visit Bowker each month to purchase a variety of publishing services, including the ISBN codes required for all published books. Beat Barblan, Director of Bowker® Identification Services, reports that “Access to Inkubate’s ScoreIt!™ technology is helping our community understand the nuances of their writing and how to best position it in the commercial marketplace.”

Bestselling authors like Dana Marton are using ScoreIt!™ to tap into new audiences of readers. “I was gratified to learn that my writing style is similar to that of Nicholas Sparks and I am now exploring new ways to reach his readers, perhaps with a free excerpt of my work,” Marton told Inkubate recently.


Bestselling Romance Author Dana Marton

The Best Reasons to Use ScoreIt!™

  • ScoreIt!™ propels writers forward on their journey to being discovered by measuring, tracking and comparing their writing style to the works of famous authors.
  • ScoreIt!™ instantaneously assesses writing style based on proprietary, language-based technology and provides authors with exciting insights on their writing potential.
  • ScoreIt!™ provides writers with impartial, scientific feedback and returns comparative scores for four literary elements known empirically to be determinative of writing style.
  • ScoreIt!™ generates real-world data on how well a comparative author’s title has sold in the retail trade book market for both print and e-books.
  • ScoreIt!™ connects writers to the professional biographies of matched authors whose style of writing is similar to their own.
  • ScoreIt!™ provides the genre for each matched title to help writers evaluate the literary category that may best support their work and connect them to the largest possible audience of readers.

Dive in and discover how ScoreIt!™ can help you build a winning author platform!


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