Launch Your Book Marketing Campaign with ScoreIt!™

So often, getting your novel into the hands of readers is harder than writing and revising your manuscript! Most writers agree that knowing one’s audience is the first step, but how do we really know for sure which readers will want to read our writing?

Up until now, marketing a book in the absence of limitless resources has been an imperfect science. Writers do do a lot of the right things, such as building book websites and email opt-in lists to cultivate fans online. Some blog daily and regularly will share newsworthy articles and updates regarding book signings and readings. A few will market themselves as conference speakers and writing coaches. And those motivated by the prospect of glowing endorsements will mail promotional copies of their book to influential literary critics, friends and reviewers. All of these are worthwhile efforts, but none of them will necessarily ensure success.

To break through and connect with the widest possible audience of readers, we writers need to understand as much as we can about our own style of writing and then make our book visible to those consumers searching for content like ours.

That’s where ScoreIt!™ comes in.


In literally seconds, ScoreIt!™ analyzes and compares your manuscript to the works of commercially published, well-known authors and identifies the underlying patterns of language structure that make your writing style unique.

Running a ScoreIt!™ analysis on your manuscript will return to you those commercial titles that most closely align to your work. We provide the genre and author bio links for each matched title and the commercial sales data (print and e-book unit sales) for the closest match. This information offers you an important window into the marketing history and retail performance of content similar to your own—in other words, content where the style of writing specifically aligns with yours.

Don’t waste time pitching your book to Gothic Sci-Fi readers when your title turns out to be more of an Urban Fantasy.  And be careful with those romance titles too. Fans of romantic suspense may not actually be interested in your mystery/thriller.

Thanks to ScoreIt!™, knowing your writing style can help you optimize your time and energy when pitching your next title as part of a comprehensive book marketing campaign.

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