Optimize the Promotion of Your Book with ScoreIt!™

If you are posting your novel on Wattpad or you’re self-publishing at Create Space, Kindle, Nook Press, Lulu, Fast Pencil, Xlibris, Author House, Ingram Spark or iUniverse, then ScoreIt!™ is for you!

A ScoreIt!™ manuscript analysis helps you:

Compare your work to published authors: The science underlying ScoreIt!™ shows you how your writing style is similar to, or different from, well-known, commercially published authors.

Know who you write like: When you know which commercially published author you write like, you can market to their readers and make them your readers too.

Optimize your marketing strategy: You can promote your title more effectively when you know the marketing history and retail performance of content similar to yours.

Estimate your book’s sales potential: Whether you write for a living or it’s a hobby, knowing how content like yours has sold can help you prioritize your upcoming book launch events.

ScoreIt!™ uses powerful analytics technology called stylometry to compare your manuscript to commercially published titles listed within the last ten years on the Nielsen Bookscan™ list. It then presents the three top commercially published titles that most closely align with your manuscript based upon four key features known to be determinative of writing style.

  • Authorial vocabulary
  • Expressive complexity
  • Grammar
  • Tonal Quality

Whether you believe your work to be experimental fiction, a sensory-rich romantic escape, a wild Sci-fi adventure or a paranormal thriller, a ScoreIt!™ manuscript analysis will help you launch your story to the widest possible audience on whichever self-publishing platform you choose.

If you have questions concerning ScoreIt!™, shoot me an email at stacy@inkubate.com.

And if you’d like to run a ScoreIt! analysis on your title, click here.

Stacy Clark

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