This year’s London Book Fair (LBF) was truly a global success. Located in the iconic Olympia London landmark—an architectural gem on the west side of the city—Inkubate was one of 1,500 exhibitors, collectively representing 60 countries. Attendees from 114 countries flooded the halls, conference centers, galleries and pavilions, all newly designed and reappointed to support…

Inkubate’s sponsorship of the Independent Publishers Guild’s (IPG) Spring Conference and our attendance at the London Book Fair (LBF) have generated huge waves of enthusiasm surrounding the launch of our new technology platform (Version 2 or “V.2”). Agents, editors, publishers and writers are all eager to get on board to discover the tools and functionality…

This week, Inkubate travels to London as a sponsor of the Independent Publishers Guild’s (IPG) 2015 Spring Conference. IPG provides essential services to independent publishers – everything from guidance on securing favorable distribution deals and adopting best practices for author contracts to implementing industry-wide codes of conduct and negotiating impressive tradeshow discounts. David Bass, our…

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