Inkubate’s Worldwide Reach

This year’s London Book Fair (LBF) was truly a global success. Located in the iconic Olympia London landmark—an architectural gem on the west side of the city—Inkubate was one of 1,500 exhibitors, collectively representing 60 countries. Attendees from 114 countries flooded the halls, conference centers, galleries and pavilions, all newly designed and reappointed to support the epic week-long publishing event.


A View of Inkubate’s Location at The London Book Fair

It was rewarding to meet a wide range of professionals who embrace our B2B platform supporting the publishing industry and we’re delighted that so many of them signed on to access our social networking tools. Interestingly, we signed up a variety of international journalists, who shared with us their frustration in pitching their book proposals, shorts and screenplays to agents, editors and publishers (AEPs). Fortunately, next week, at BookExpo America, Inkubate will launch PitchIt!™, an application enabling writers to pitch their works directly to AEPs, using 140 strategically chosen characters. We know that journalists are an important demographic for Inkubate and we’re confident that AEPs will be drawn to their journeys from the field, as well as their fictional reconstructions of real-world events. As with all of our writers, we’re delighted to welcome these seasoned, credentialed professionals to Inkubate.

The overwhelming success of LBF, we believe, is the realization among AEPs, journalists and writers of all stripes that technology is here to stay. Our goal remains unchanged—to connect talented content creators here and abroad to mainstream publishers seeking market-worthy projects that sell.

If you’re planning on attending BEA and would like a guided tour of Inkubate, please use this online form or contact Stacy Clark.

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