Tickets to the Best British Shows!

This week, Inkubate travels to London as a sponsor of the Independent Publishers Guild’s (IPG) 2015 Spring Conference. IPG provides essential services to independent publishers – everything from guidance on securing favorable distribution deals and adopting best practices for author contracts to implementing industry-wide codes of conduct and negotiating impressive tradeshow discounts.

David Bass, our intrepid CMO, is looking forward to hosting one-on-one meetings with independent publishers and greeting them at IPG’s first-ever Meet the Innovators Zone, a mini-tradeshow where Inkubate’s latest features will be on display.

As sponsor of the Inkubate Trade Publisher of the Year Award, David’s charismatic presence will be a highlight of IPG’s March 5th Gala Dinner. David will address the Conference and Co-Present our award to one of three impressive finalists, which include:

Carcanet Press – inventive fiction; literary criticism & poetry
Pavilion Books – illustrated books across seven imprints
Pushkin Press – novels; essays; memoirs & children’s books

Returning to England in mid-April for the London Book Fair (LBF), we’re honored that IPG will promote Inkubate as a key technology partner to its extensive list of members. Operating inside IPG’s booth, David and Jay will demonstrate our new platform and the robust market analysis tools now under development.


Roald Dahl’s 1964 bestseller is the inspiration behind Inkubate’s Golden Ticket Promotion

As part of our presence at LBF, Inkubate will host a Golden Ticket promotion where, unlike Roald Dahl’s beloved 1964 adventure, every ticket will be a winner! Strategically linked to the high-powered marketing platform David has engineered, the campaign will drive publishers to our site, where they’ll each register to receive notification of their prize. Two Grand Prize winners will claim iPads engraved with our logo and a personal tour with both Dave and Jay inside Inkubate’s “Network for Creative Collaboration.” Prizes also include our full-color logo USB drives in the shape of an egg and more than 100 gift cards for IPG concessions. With over 25,000 registrants and 15,000 additional daily visitors, the LBF’s three-day publishing expo will position Inkubate exactly where it needs to be—at the center of innovation.

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