Readers Care Who You Write Like!

Ask any reader how they search for new books to read and most will explain that they look for works that are like their favorite authors. Bookstore owners spend most of their day helping customers select their next great read and it’s almost always based on their last one. I often will ask for titles that read like Anne Lamott’s work, because I’ve already read everything she’s written and am always looking for my next great narrative nonfiction fix.

Understanding who you write like is valuable intelligence for any writer hoping to reach their community of readers. Inkubate’s launch of ScoreIt!™ enables writers for the first time to run an objective analysis of their work to see how their style of writing aligns with the work of commercially published authors.

Do you think that you may be the next breakthrough author that I and others will want to read? You can find out by signing on to Inkubate and running a ScoreIt™ Analysis. While you’re there, check out your data-driven dashboard that tracks the trends of all the titles, and their genres, uploaded to the site.

And if you do write like Anne Lamott, let me know so I can read your book!

Stacy Clark, Inkubate’s Writer Evangelist

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