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If you’re ready to self-publish and/or market your book, ScoreIt!™ from will help you understand how to leverage your writing style to reach your readers.

21st century tools for 21st century writers

ScoreIt!™ instantly analyzes and compares your manuscript to the titles of commercially published authors and provides impartial, scientific feedback that supports your drafting and book marketing efforts. You’ll see how your writing style ranks against well-known published titles and, for each of the three top-matched books returned by ScoreIt!™, corresponding author bios and genre classifications are included. ScoreIt!™ also provides the career average unit book sales for the top-matched author. Collectively, this information enables emerging writers like you to critically assess your work and develop book marketing campaigns aimed at readers specifically interested in your style of writing! Below, is a ScoreIt!™ result shared by self-published author, T. Matt Ryan, who discovered that his writing style matched authors working in a number of different genre.

“I’m using ScoreIt!™ to help me tap into a wider audience of readers. It was interesting to learn that my writing style matches that of Nicholas Sparks and David Baldacci and that my matches span the romance, suspense/thriller and general fiction categories.”

– T Matt Ryan

ScoreIt!™’s big data analytics at work

Inkubate’s powerful analytics platform “fingerprints” a manuscript by mapping the smallest parts of language that can only be measured using sophisticated, high-powered computer technology. The statistically relevant and highly personalized uses of language are then amalgamated to create a unique writing style “profile” for each author’s work. This is then compared against the writing style profiles in our corpus of a wide variety of author works. Our technology returns the top three closest writing style matches and presents the results as a comparative ranking. Specifically, each manuscript run through our system is evaluated and weighted for its 1) vocabulary; 2) expressive complexity 3) grammatical construction and 4) tone.

Whether you believe your work to be experimental fiction, a sensory-rich romantic escape, a wild sci-fi adventure or a paranormal thriller, a ScoreIt!™ manuscript analysis will help you deploy your story to the widest possible audience.

Take ScoreIt!™ for a Test Drive

If you have questions concerning ScoreIt!™, shoot me an email at And if you’d like to take ScoreIt!™ for a Test Drive, click here.

Stacy Clark, Inkubate Co-Founder and author of When the Wind Blows (Holiday House 2015)

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