Find your Literary Match with ScoreIt!™

If you’re planning to post your manuscript on Wattpad or if you’re self-publishing at Nook Press, Fast-Pencil, Create Space, Kindle, Lulu, Xlibris, Author House, Ingram Spark or iUniverse, then ScoreIt!™ is for you.

Understanding who you write like is valuable intelligence for any writer hoping to reach a growing community of readers. ScoreIt!™ enables writers, for the first time, to run an objective analysis of their work to see how their style of writing aligns with the work of commercially published authors. This is your chance to receive a personalized, scientific breakdown of how your “literary DNA” breaks down along four key attributes and how these rank against a vast library of published authors.

Elin Barnes and T. Matt Ryan, both self-published authors, used ScoreIt!™ to connect to a wider audience of readers:

“Instead of spending a fortune on a professional book review, I analyzed my manuscript on Inkubate to identify who I write like. I then targeted my book marketing campaign to my top matched author’s readers via guest-blogging opportunities on genre-specific websites. Because there’s no other tool like ScoreIt!™ on the market, I feel that ScoreIt!™ is a great investment at a time when breaking-through into publishing has become more competitive and nuanced.”

Elin Barnes, Indie Novelist


“Running ScoreIt!™ over the course of my re-writes has delivered intriguing results. Despite my on-going content editing and associated re-runs through ScoreIt!™, my writing style has remained consistent, pointing, I believe, to the credibility of Inkubate’s technology. I am using my results to bolster my book marketing efforts and to draw new readers to my site.”

–  T. Matt Ryan, Self-Published Author.

With ScoreIt!™, you can:

If you have any questions about whether ScoreIt!™ is right for you, just email Stacy Clark: or Jay Gale: We’d be happy to help. 

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