In Clear Seitz – A Brief Q&A with Don Seitz

Publishing veteran, Don Seitz, heading up Inkubate’s Business Development & Sales initiatives, shares his perspective on the value of Inkubate’s interactive platform.


Stacy: What do you think are Inkubate’s most compelling opportunities for writers and publishing professionals?

Don: Inkubate’s platform is equally valuable to writers and to mainstream agents, editors and publishers (AEPs) alike, since it solves the current challenges involving the manner in which original manuscripts are submitted, presented, and reviewed.

If you’re an author who has self-published a manuscript through one of the handful of online publishing platforms, Inkubate’s partnerships with these businesses make it easy for writers to upload a professionally formatted version of their work and pitch it to AEPs.

Our platform presents to AEPs a manuscript discovery and review experience unlike any other. AEPs can opt to become members of the Inkubate community or, alternatively, a private-label Inkubate solution can be licensed and launched on their behalf.

Stacy: What features of Inkubate’s platform are likely to attract the most industry buzz?

Don: The huge Inkubate differentiating feature is its big-data analytics. These predictive tools have the potential to greatly enhance the ability of AEPs to identify likely “winners” by augmenting their broad industry experience with objective market-based sales data.

Stacy: As a faculty member for NYU’s graduate publishing program, do your students’ views involving print and digital content connect well with Inkubate’s technology?

Don: Most definitely. Both our classroom discussions and the collaborative projects of students frequently involve the need for industry tools that increase the visibility of writers’ works. Inkubate’s elegant discovery platform not only brings authors’ works closer to AEPs, but, equally importantly, provides publishing professionals the tools required to efficiently navigate the ever-expanding sea of marketable content and evaluate the viability of any single project. 

Q&As with other Inkubate innovators will be forthcoming. Don can be reached at

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