Brand Building at BookExpo America

Trade publishing generally remains a “two for ten’ business model, which limits the industry’s growth and its prospects for long-term profitability. Our bet is that Inkubate’s federation of writers and writing services, digital asset management and data analysis will succeed in helping to guide agents, editors and publishers to identify and market more projects projected to sell at least enough copies to break even. When close to a third or more of the creative content brought to market by mainstream publishers covers its costs at worse, or sells millions of units at best, the revenue trajectory will result in a greater diversity of writers’ works being discovered, curated and promoted to consumers and vast new opportunities for publishers to grow and expand their business.

Inkubate CEO Jay Gale with David Bass (left) and Donald Seitz (right) at BEA

Inkubate CEO Jay Gale with David Bass (left) and Donald Seitz (right) at BEA

That’s of course exactly what Inkubate aims to do.

Coming out of last month’s BookExpo America (BEA) tradeshow in NYC, Inkubate CEO Jay Gale was bullish on our ability to deliver game-changing solutions to the publishing industry:

“The unanimous positive response to both our writer discovery platform and to our market analytics not only makes this event well worth our investment to be here, but also makes our recent success in London look like batting practice for BEA…The value of this event has far exceeded our expectations.” – Jay Gale

Jay is pictured above at BEA with David Bass (left) and Don Seitz (right).

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