Bestselling Author Uploads New Works to Inkubate

We’re delighted to announce that bestselling author Dianna Hutts Aston’s latest work is available for review on Inkubate. SOS: Messages of Love, Hope and Peace chronicles Aston’s adventures across America to re-discover the country that called her home from Mexico. Part One of our feature interview with Aston appears in The Huffington Post. In it, Aston discusses the inspiration behind SOS and her motivation in pursuing non-traditional routes to find the right publishing partner for her work.

Dianna D10

Having already traditionally published 14 children’s books, Aston’s decision to pitch SOS on Inkubate reflects a growing trend among established authors; specifically, the desire to reach a wider range of partners with the expertise in promoting a diverse range of works.

“Inkubate makes it easy for me to share my work with the growing audience of publishing professionals that has discovered Inkubate as a source of timely, relevant content,” Aston told us.

In addition to SOS, Aston has uploaded five unpublished children’s books to Inkubate and looks forward to bringing them to market as well. Agents and publishers are invited to log onto Inkubate to review SOS and to explore the creative content of other writers worldwide:


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