ScoreIt!™ Will Soon Analyze Your Writing Style!

How does my writing stack up to that of commercially published authors?

It’s an age-old question writers ask themselves and, until now, the answer has been elusive, and often impossible to discern.

Inkubate’s soon-to-be-released ScoreIt!™ application will find that answer and more.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.34.11 PM

ScoreIt!™ is a brand new tool that will soon provide writers objective, instant feedback on how their writing compares to that of commercially published authors.

ScoreIt!™’s functionality relies on the science of stylometry, a field of study focused on how writers use language. Many of the writing style features that stylometry assesses can only be recognized consistently and efficiently through the application of computer science. ScoreIt!™ looks at literally tens of thousands of writing features to determine a writer’s unique authorial “fingerprint.” It then compares that fingerprint to a database of published titles by a wide variety of authors, across many genre and with varying degrees of success in the marketplace.

For each ScoreIt!™ result, Inkubate returns the three top commercially published titles that most closely align to a submitted work along four features known to be diagnostic of overall writing style: 1) authorial vocabulary; 2) expressive complexity; 3) grammar and 4) tonal quality. Also returned are the genre and print/ebook sales data for the three matched titles and online links to each matched book and author.

Stay tuned for more information concerning the release of ScoreIt!™.

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