If You Don’t Know Who You Write Like…

Buy a ScoreIt!™ Analysis to discover Who You Write Like and instantaneously take your writing to the next level!

ScoreIt!™ uses high-powered computer technology to match your writing  style to authors who write like you do. With ScoreIt!™, you can now target the readers of your matched authors and appeal directly to audiences who have demonstrated by their reading preferences that they like way that you write!

Click here to purchase ScoreIt!™ and get ahead of the curve today. Make your pitch to readers who are already reading authors like you!

And download this writer Case Study to read how one Inkubate client, S.E. (Susan) Smith put her ScoreIt!™ results to work to double the success of her book marketing campaign.

ScoreIt!™ is a trademark of Inkubate, a writing style technology company.


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