Buy a ScoreIt!™ Analysis to discover Who You Write Like and instantaneously take your writing to the next level! ScoreIt!™ uses high-powered computer technology to match your writing  style to authors who write like you do. With ScoreIt!™, you can now target the readers of your matched authors and appeal directly to audiences who have…

If you’re planning to post your manuscript on Wattpad or if you’re self-publishing at Nook Press, Fast-Pencil, Create Space, Kindle, Lulu, Xlibris, Author House, Ingram Spark or iUniverse, then ScoreIt!™ is for you. Understanding who you write like is valuable intelligence for any writer hoping to reach a growing community of readers. ScoreIt!™ enables writers,…

So often, getting your novel into the hands of readers is harder than writing and revising your manuscript! Most writers agree that knowing one’s audience is the first step, but how do we really know for sure which readers will want to read our writing? Up until now, marketing a book in the absence of…

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